design so others can blossom 🌸



@Design Lab > Researching problem decomposition and adaptive scaffolding for the design problem solving process under the guidance of Professor Steven Dow and Dr. Stephen MacNeil.

@Microsoft > Developed a full-stack audit tool, learned about accessible design making a Figma voice plug-in, and discussed diversity and lived experiences during the pandemic

@UC San Diego > Mentored 20 new designers through an real-world re-design process from user interviews to prototyping to a final case study under the guidance of Professor Philip Guo

@ACM UCSD > Founded UCSD's largest computing community, designed an in-house member portal for 1200+ members, initated a big-little program of lifelong friends, and served 900+ cups of boba

@iD Tech Camps > Taught 20 students how to code through GUI game development and kept their morale up between classwork through lightsaber battles :-)

@Boeing > Designed a theoretical satellite mission to Europa to determine if life was viable, made carbon fiber skateboards, and introduced STEM to 600+ underrepresented high-schoolers


Hello there, I'm Kendall!

My motto is design so others can blossom 🌸

I study at UC San Diego pursuing a B.S. in Cognitive Science: Human Computer Interaction with a Computer Science minor and Design minor.

My quarantine hobbies have included doing the Daily UI Challenge, watching countless sunsets, running with my sister, and playing Animal Crossing.

🌎 Improving accessiblity and everyday life through design

❤️ Fostering welcomeness in my circles through inclusivity

⭐ Being there for people's important moments

🧋 You’ll often find me in my crocs drinking boba and serving 900+ cups to ACM and IEEE folks

🐦 My spirit animal is a hummingbird because I'm energetic and need to eat every 20 minutes to survive

🌊 I'm a SoCal native which means I grew up at the beach and Disneyland

🎨 I love experimenting with colors on my hair! I've dyed it silver, blonde, blue, green, purple, and pink so far