Kendall Nakai

Graduation picture of Kendall smiling in front of the ocean

Hi there, I'm Kendall 🌸

I'm a software engineer at Microsoft working on productivity for Copilot Dashboard and digital wellbeing for Viva Insights in Teams.

I graduated from UC San Diego in 2022 with a B.S. in Cognitive Science: Human-Computer Interaction with minors in Computer Science and Design. While there, I worked on projects advised by Professors Philip Guo in Design Lab, Steven MacNeil in Temple HCI Lab, and Steven Dow in ProtoLab. I also co-founded ACM UCSD and hosted professional development events through IEEE UCSD.


Kendall Nakai and Philip J. Guo. Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum of University Computing Majors via Undergraduate-Written Mentoring Guides: A Learner-Centered Design Workflow. ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research, 2023.

Stephen MacNeil, Ziheng Huan, Kenneth Chen, Zijian Ding, Alexander Yu, Kendall Nakai, Steven Dow. Freeform Templates: Combining Freeform Curation with Structured Templates. ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition, 2023.

Kendall Nakai and Philip J. Guo. Scaling Up Access to the Hidden Curriculum: A Design Methodology for Creating Undergraduate Mentoring Guides. ACM Conference on Learning at Scale (work-in-progress short paper and poster), 2022.